You should inform your users when updating your legal policies and agreements. Safe Harbor and Privacy Shield Frameworks Our privacy policy has been updated to learn in detail that Zendesk respects and has certified compliance with the EU-US Data Protection Shield Principles and the US Swiss Safe Harbor. Are you making significant changes to your privacy policy? Let users know about your email list. The last way to notify customers of changes to the privacy policy is to use a pop-up notice on your website. You`ve probably noticed a lot of e-mails from companies linked to the RGPD in early 2018, that let you know that privacy policies and conditions have been updated everywhere – like Avira`s: the vouchers – creating and strengthening the building blocks of a legal ecosystem that respects users – seem to trump potential negatives – and reinforce a small notification of changes at the top of the site. to quickly summarize the changes in a blog post and set a notice period. Ideally, you should inform users for at least two weeks that the updates are taking effect. You can shorten this notice period or not notify it if the change is smaller. Cookies Use our websites Our updated cookie policy contains a graph explaining where we put cookies, such as our marketing partners and we use cookies on our sites, the object and category of each cookie and the duration of each cookie. Now, there is a lot of controversy about the actual content of a terms of use contract. But the example clause above leads us to a much more fundamental procedural problem: can a company or service change its terms of use and not inform its users of these changes? You can look like this to a cookie consent mechanism on your website. All you need to do is update your privacy policy, provide a link to your new privacy policy and, ideally, use a clickwrap consent mechanism (for example. B if a user clicks „Accept“ or „Accept“ to confirm).

Turn off cookies Our updated cookie policy provides more details on how to disable some cookies used on our websites. It is important to inform users of changes to your privacy policy, especially important changes.