Sixth, even in the case of a community ownership contract, there must be a desire to appoint personal representatives, legal guardians for minor children and to deviate from legal standards in Washington (for example). B, the granting of non-interference, non-bond status to personal representatives). The fact that Washington is a „community state“ is of particular importance. In general, this means that all real estate acquired during the marriage is common property and is half owned by each spouse. All property acquired before marriage or during marriage by gift or estate retains its character as „separate property“ (i.e. no common property). That`s all it means when you say Washington is a state of community property. It is a statement about the character of the property acquired by a married couple. This does not mean that the surviving spouse has an interest in all property and does not mean that the surviving spouse is automatically entitled to the property at the death of the first spouse, nor does it mean that the property is automatically owing to the surviving spouse. The law requires a little more to accomplish all of this. Eighthly, a Community real estate agreement may be inoperative for the transfer of real estate to other states, particularly if they are not Member States of the Community. In case of inefficiency, you must make a secondary reduction in the state where the property is located. Fifth, changing the character of the separated condominium property may subordinate the newly characterized property to the debts of the other spouse if the property was previously immune to those rights.

The Washington law allows spouses to enter into agreements on the character of their property. The common property can be changed to separate ownership. Separate serums can be changed to common ownership. RCW 26.16.120. However, it may not always be desirable to have a Community ownership agreement. Suppose a spouse wishes to keep a separate estate or distributes a will to another family member? Or do we assume that the couple must do tax planning to minimize or avoid their estate debt? In this case, they probably won`t want a community ownership agreement, because it simply slips assets into the survivor`s estate without planning opportunity.